Career opportunities

Graduates are eligible to work in the following areas:

  • Management and consulting activities in agro-livestock systems; 
  • International marketing of agricultural products, livestock and industries; 
  • Development of innovative technologies within companies operating in the agriculture and livestock area; 
  • Control and monitoring of productive, environmental and economic performances of agricultural farms;
  • Research and development of innovative technologies within private and public research institutions; 
  • Collaboration with private and public research institutions.


Here is what some of our alumni are working on:

Samuele Lamon

"The Dual Degree in Sustainable Agriculture has been an intense experience of growth, both as an individual and as a scientist. By leaving my comfort zone I had the chance to overcome those fears and challenges that each student meets, when living in a different country and aspiring to a different career path and life experience. The Dual Degree really taught me that nothing is pre-defined and that our goals, which seem crazy and unattainable, can be accomplished if only we are willing to work hard for them".




Felice Sartori

"The opportunity to study and work with people from different countries opened my mind and enhanced my teamwork skills on different tasks. These skills, together with the valuable knowledge gained through the courses, have been crucial for my professional growth as freelance agronomist."





Maria Teresa Tancredi

“I moved in 2019 to Athens, Georgia (USA), to pursue the Dual Degree program. I worked to estimate soil properties in agricultural fields with innovative geophysical techniques and I combined them with hydrological models. I am enthusiastic about my choice of studying Crop and Soil under the dual degree program between University of Padova-Italy and University of Georgia-USA! That’s why I’m continuing my studies with a PhD here at UGA.”







Arianna Toffanin

"Deciding to enroll in Sustainable Agriculture was one of the best choices I could make. First the international environment in my hometown University, and then the 18 months overseas thanks to the collaboration of UGA in the Crop and Soil curriculum. It was a though but greatly enriching path! I faced lot of challenges and returned home as a better agronomist, as well as a better person. It was an excellent choice for the development of my current career as a technician in the land reclamation and agricultural water management."





Bright Ofori

“In my final year as an undergraduate student in my home country of Ghana, I was excited about exploring opportunities to study abroad. When I came by the dual degree program between the University of Padova and University of Georgia,  I felt strongly that it was a great fit for me. I went through the application process, visa acquisition, and finally moved to Padova to start my graduate program in Sustainable Agriculture. The first year I spent in Padova was nothing but great, I had the opportunity to interact closely with people from different countries and cultures that really helped my personal growth. At Padova, I felt a strong sense of belonging and the professors were always responsive to my academic needs. I moved to UGA in 2018, where I worked under the supervision of Prof. Mussie Habteselassie, and graduated in December 2019. My studies in Sustainable Agriculture have been pivotal for being selected as PhD student at Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia, USA; thereafter I started my career as Soil Scientist for a non-profit organization the Soil Health Institute in the USA. This dual degree program created the foundation for my career and I could not be more thankful. Lunga vita all'Agricoltura Sostenibile!”