Virtual exchange, Blended Intensive Programmes and other international opportunities

Virtual exchanges and Virtual mobility programmes are accessible international experiences, which leverage on new technologies and a common lingua franca, and entail a short physical mobility or none at all.

Organised jointly between at least two international universities, they are training activities which aim to encourage a student-centred and learner-led collaborative experience.

Groups of international students meet remotely on collaborative platforms either autonomously or with a facilitator, who encourages active participation of group members and helps create a positive and collaborative debate without interfering with the contents of the course. 

All the students of the University of Padua meeting the entry requirements specified in the relevant call for applications can participate in the project. If the course unit is included in the educational offer, the University of Padua will recognise the ECTS credits; if it is not, you can still earn an Open Badge and a certificate of attendance.

For more information, get in touch with the Project and Mobility office at Agripolis.