PROJECTS AND MOBILITY OFFICE - Erasmus and other mobility programmes

AVVISI: Ricevimento in ufficio e su zoom.
Link zoom per ricevimento disponibile su moodle: Mobility (Erasmus) oppure chiedete un appuntamento via email.

Il ricevimento del 18 ottobre è posticipato al 21 ottobre
Il 14 e il 28 ottobre il ricevimento sarà solo online.

ATTENTION: Front desk and online reception.
Zoom link for reception available on moodle: Mobility (Erasmus) or contact the Mobility desk by mail in order to make an appointment.

The front desk time of the 18th of October is postponed to the 21st of October.
On the 14th and 28th of October the front desk is only online.


At Agripolis Campus two double degree programmes are held:

  • Crop and Soil

Partner University: University of Georgia (USA)
Mobility period: second year
Language required: English
Title issued: double (Laurea Magistrale in Sustainable Agriculture-LM69, Curriculum Crop and soil; Master of Science Degree in Crop and Soil Sciences with area of emphasis in Sustainable Agriculture)
Contact person: prof. Francesco Morari, Department of Agronomy, Food, Natural Resources, Animals and the Environment (DAFNAE)

TRANSFOR-M is a 2-year course-based Master program leading to double degrees in forestry and environmental management.

Partner University: University of New Brunswick, University of Alberta, The University of British Columbia (CANADA)
Mobility period: 
second year
Language required: English
Title issued: double (at UniPD, Laurea Magistrale in Forest Science – LM/73)
Contact person: Prof. Paola Gatto





Contact person: Dr. Susanne Kloehn

Tel. (+39) 049 827 9425
Fax (+39) 049 876 2121

Sede: Campus di Agripolis - Corte Benedettina, 1° piano - 35020 Legnaro (Padova)
Location: Agripolis Campus - Corte Benedettina, 1st floor - 35020 Legnaro (PD)

Orario di ricevimento: martedì e giovedì 9.00 - 12.00. Lunedì e mercoledì disponibile solo via email.
Opening hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays 9.00 am - 12.00 pm. Mondays and Wednesdays only available via email.