Teaching quality

Teaching quality is one of the pillars on which the University of Padova is built. The relationship between students, professors and administrative staff is of the utmost importance for the successful completion of the student's academic pathway. The Quality Policy adopted by the University of Padova is largely based on the integration between research and teaching to ensure knowledge transfer in training programmes. Such a policy is implemented through a number of different actions, projects and methodologies involving all stages of  student's development, from orientation through graduation, and into their first steps into the labour market.
In order to verify the correct application of the initiatives set forth in the Quality Policy document, and monitor the achievement of its objectives, the University of Padova has developed and implemented different tools, such as the Week for the Improvement of Teaching, the Annual and Periodical Review Report and the Monitoring form.

Week for the improvement of teaching
The Week for the improvement of teaching, which takes place once a year every year, aims at promoting meetings to reflect on students’ opinions with regard to the courses offered throughout the previous academic year. The final objective is to further increase the quality of teaching and services offered. Meetings are open to professors, students, technical-administrative staff, and stakeholders.

More detailed presentations on data and statistics for the preceding years can be accessed via the following link:

Annual and periodical Review Reports
The Annual and periodical Review Reports by the Group for Accreditation and Evaluation (GAV) of the single-cycle Degree Course in Veterinary Medicine can be accessed via the following links: