Additional learning requirements (OFA)


At the start of the academic year, students enrolled in the Animal Care degree programme must take a test to evaluate their basic knowledge in the following subjects: biology, math, physics, chemistry, and English. Please note that students who are native English speakers or possess a B2 certification, as listed on the website, or have an upper secondary school leaving qualification in English, will not be required to take the English B2 level assessment.
This assessment is crucial to ensure that students have an adequate level of preparation for the course.

Students who do not meet the required level of knowledge in one or more subjects will be assigned one or more specific Additional Learning Requirements (ALR) or Obblighi Formativi Aggiuntivi (OFA), which can be met by passing a test for the given subject.
Note that passing the OFA is a prerequisite to being admitted to exams.

If a student fails to meet the OFA requirements by September 30 of the first year, they will be enrolled in the following academic year as if they were repeating the first year. The student will only be allowed to take the exams of the 2nd year, as planned in the degree program, once the OFA requirements have been met.

OFA tests dates

Online test to to meet OFA are regularly scheduled; check the calendar available at this link:

Please note that there will not be any preparatory courses.

OFA tests
The OFA test for each subject consists of 15 multiple-choice questions, with only one correct answer for each question. To pass the OFA, you need to answer at least 8 questions correctly. Each tests last 20 minutes.

Once you complete the quiz, you will receive feedback on whether you passed or failed the test.

How to take the test

To take the test, click on "Take the OFA test now" and log in using your Unipd credentials (SSO). You will find two links:
1. Connect with your smartphone to the Zoom link. Teachers will use the smartphone connection to verify your identity before taking the test, so please have an official identification document at hand. During the test, the smartphone will be used as a camera to ensure that you do not have any notes, books, or other reference materials on your desk and that you are not using your computer for online research. Before starting the test, teachers will check if the location of the smartphone is suitable to control your workstation. The smartphone should be placed behind you or sideways in a stable position, allowing teachers to see your desk and your PC or tablet's monitor. During the Zoom meeting connection, please switch on the microphone.
2. Click on the test link with your computer/tablet. You will need a password that we will provide during the connection.

If you need tutor support, please contact our tutors at

For more information about OFA and related exams, please refer to this page.