Veterinary Teaching Hospital

The Veterinary Teaching Hospital, commonly referred to as OVUD, was inaugurated on May 19th, 2010, as part of the then Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Padova. The complex, positively evaluated by the visiting team of the European Association of Establishments of Veterinary Education (EAEVE), aims at establishing itself as a point of reference for the treatment of diseases affecting companion animals and horses. Among the services OVUD provides are 24/7 emergency service, hospitalization, specialized consultancy, intensive care, and laboratory testing. In addition to this, the Departments are equipped with suitable premises (e.g. necropsy room, cytology and histopathology labs) to perform post-mortem examinations.
The OVUD’s main objective is to become a ‘super partes’ centre that cooperates with the private clinics present on the territory and encourages continuing education, involving the professional world to further develop cutting-edge veterinary medicine. Diagnostic services and tools are also made available to both patients and colleagues.
Furthermore, the Veterinary Teaching Hospital aspires to improve the educational activities that are offered to future veterinarians, enabling them to acquire the practical skills they need by taking part in all clinical activities under the professors’ coordination and supervision.
From the research point of view, the OVUD’s staff members (including non-academic veterinarians) are active in a variety of sectors, ranging from new artificial insemination procedures for farm and companion animals to experimental radiology in skeletal adaptation of both land and marine mammals, from the rescuing and studying – in collaboration with the State Forestry Corps and the Harbor Master’s Office – of injured, wild or stranded animals to the implementation of the most innovative surgical techniques aimed at both promoting animal welfare and studying models for human health.

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Director: Prof. Carlo Guglielmini
Tel. (+39) 049-8272505


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University Veterinary Teaching Hospital
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Veterinary Teaching Hospital
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