Specific information

There are different options to come to study at the Agripolis Campus of the University of Padova as a Veterinary Medicine Erasmus student:

- Courses: All courses in Veterinary Medicine are held in Italian. Please find the list of courses in the official course catalogue published on the webpage:
Please note: Due to a new study plan there will occur slight changes in the study plan of the 3rd and 4th year. From 2017/2018 onwards the school is starting a new 1st Cycle programme in Animal Care, totally held in English, where you also might find some interesting activities:

- Practical activities (Erasmus+ study and Erasmus+ traineeship): For practical activities the students can gain 1 ECTS in 1 week (corresponding to 25 hours of activity). For emergency service night and weekends we assign 1 ECTS for a week (nights) and 1 ECTS for a weekend. Please see the following section for more detailed information.

- Final research project or Thesis (Erasmus+ study and Erasmus+ traineeship): There is the possibility to carry out research activity for thesis preparation in various vet laboratories. Please contact the professor concerned with the research area where you would like to carry out your final research project, usually named Thesis in Italian system (List of contact persons).

- Internship in the Veterinary Hospital (Erasmus+ Traineeship): We are able to accept up to 3 students in the period between July and September. Please contact: erasmus.agripolis@unipd.it