Professional opportunities

  • Food and Health graduates will have roles of responsibility both in the public-institutional (Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations) and the private sector. Employment opportunities include, for example, the production, processing, and trading of agri-food products and goods, the food industry, public and private catering, the health sector in the nutrition and dietary field, and public health and prevention. In addition, this high-profile education facilitates access to basic or applied research or to doctoral programs in Italy or abroad. Food and Health students can apply to a great variety of initiatives, from PhD Programs like LERH (, to internships with local, national, and international companies. You can also apply for an Erasmus+ grant and develop your work experience abroad. Furthermore, AMICI association aims to promote and expand the link between the job market and UNIPD alumni, offering seminars and talks with passionate and innovative companies.
  • Part-time work

During your stay in Padua, you might want to look for a part-time job, which could help you to keep up with the expenses ( and to be more integrated into city life. Non-European students need to have a valid residence permit and, according to Italian Law, are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week. Unipd offers you the chance to work within University offices for up to 200 hours. Moreover, the Tutor Junior Service is available to help you with your studies and to find professional opportunities aligned with your background and skills. To discover more: