One of the University of Padova's main objectives is to further strengthen its international vocation through both local and international promotion initiatives. In particular, the University aims at: promoting incoming and outgoing exchanges through a number of programmes (e.g. the Erasmus Programme); further strengthening both joint and double degree programmes; further increasing the number of degree courses held in English, including PhDs; further strengthening welcoming activities; attracting a higher number of foreign students.

Erasmus+ | Study abroad
This Programme provides students in higher education with the opportunity to study abroad (3-12 months) as part of their Degree. As of today, the University of Padova has set up partnerships with 500+ Universities located in the European countries participating in the Programme. Since 2015, students may also spend a period studying in a non-European country. All students can participate in the Programme, regardless of the Degree Programme they are enrolled in.

Erasmus+ | Traineeship
This Programme provides students in higher education with the opportunity to spend a training period in a foreign enterprise or organization. To be eligible, students must be regularly enrolled at the time of selection. Recent graduates can also take part in the Programme, provided that the traineeship takes place within one year of their graduation and that the candidate has submitted their application while still enrolled in their higher education institution.

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